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Drake Design Associates, "Digital Relaunch"
Greenhill+Partners, LLC
Creative Director, Copywriter, Strategist, Producer, Branding

World renowned designer, Jamie Drake, whose global firm handles clients like Michael Bloomberg and Madonna, wanted to breathe new life into an aged brand.  He also wanted to expand his business by creating a robust online presence—a particular challenge for luxury brands—that would specifically engage the emerging affluent, his future customers.  

First, we conducted brand discovery workshops to help Drake and his staff rediscover the aesthetic principles and brand values that had made them so successful to begin with.  Next, we developed a completely new identity for the brand.  With the branding and corporate narrative in place, we then created a new responsive website, a branded Facebook page, custom video content, and a content strategy plan.

Within a year, Drake Design Associates had experienced a significant increase in interest from emerging affluent consumers.

Before and after.
Social content strategy & management
Video production.
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