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Malibu Rum, "BestSummerEver" featuring Red Foo
Red Productions
Creative Director, Director, Producer

Malibu Rum wanted to capture the best summer ever for its online fans. To do so, a summer-long digital campaign was created that followed a group of "best summer ever" adventurers. They hopped around the world from party town to party town, running into celebrities of every kind.  One such celebrity, ex-LMFAO band member and ambassador of the party lifestyle, Redfoo, bumped into the adventurers in Dallas. He teaches them how to own the dance floor.  The gang then join Redfoo on stage for an epic performance of his new single Where The Sun Goes. Party over here!

From Malibu's (Pernod-Ricard) 2015 Annual Report: "The partnership with American YouTube phenomenon Redfoo helped to make Malibu the summer’s most talked-about spirit brand. The collaboration contributed to the sale of over 3.4 million cases."

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