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MasterCard, "Priceless New York" and "Priceless Surprises"
R/GA New York
Senior Producer, Planning, Luxury Brand Consultant

"Priceless New York"

If you're MasterCard, how do you compete with American Express for affluent consumers? Better question, how do you compete for affluent consumers on Amex's turf, New York City? The solution was to offer experiences—via a dedicated Priceless New York city guide website, a mobile app and social media platforms—that New Yorkers could't get anywhere else. Take a private tour of the deKooning exhibit. Shoot photos with a Nat Geo photographer. Introduce your kids to Eloise. In a matter or months, Priceless New York drove nearly 1M people to its platform and registered over 20K new Mastercard consumers. Priceless.

The "Priceless" campaign resulted in MasterCard cardholders using the hashtag #PricelessSurprises over 877,000 times and intent to use a MasterCard increased over 300%.

Justin Timberlake partnered with MasterCard Priceless Cities allowing members to purchase exclusive tickets to an intimate concert promoting JT's new record The 20/20 Experience. 

"Priceless Surprises"

MasterCard was looking to evolve the 17 year old Priceless campaign to effectively engage today's consumers. At the GRAMMY Awards, with brand ambassador Justin Timberlake, #PricelessSurprises was launched—a new brand platform built to deliver surprises, big and small, to our cardholders. By simply tweeting with #PricelessSurprises, or using their MasterCard, cardholders could be surprised with everything from headphones to truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences—like spending a day with Justin Timberlake. 


From GRAMMY night moving forward, #PricelessSurprises has been infused into all social activations—surprising cardholders at every turn and connecting with them through the things they are passionate about. Priceless Surprises has rapidly become one of MasterCard's most successful social-first initiatives. Cardholders used hashtag #PricelessSurprises over 877,000 times, and MasterCard has awarded more than 74,000 Priceless Surprises and intent to use a MasterCard increased over 300%.

The Priceless Surprises platform is a social network aggregator that fetches tweets and posts in instagram containing the hashtag #PricelessSurprises. The project was first introduced at the Grammy awards featuring Justin Timberlake as the principal spokesperson for the campaign.

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