• I've overseen brand development and management for coveted, world-renowned, iconic brands.

  • I've co-created campaigns for global Fortune 500 clients that exceeded expectations and surpassed goals.

  • I've minimized costs by helping clients recruit and select experts and agencies.

  • I've lead clients through discovery and business transformation processes that opened their eyes to new opportunities and evolved their companies to thrive in a tech-driven future.


Do you need help creating a campaign? A brand? Integrating creative tech into your business? Choosing an agency? I can help.


  • I've been published in some of the world's foremost newspapers and magazines.

  • My pitch decks and proposals have landed Fortune 500 clients.

  • My copy has contributed to growing client revenue more than 5% in less than a year and client stock value more than $10 in a few weeks.


Let me write your way to copy that gets noticed, increased market share, new clients, brand awareness, thought leadership cache, or PR earned media.


As seen in The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Mashable, HubSpot, Forbes, The Telegraph, The New York Times, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.


  • I've planned and led content strategy and branding workshops for clients like Tiffany & Co. and Ameriprise Financial.

  • I've served as a keynote speaker at multiple national events and conferences.

  • I've taught Ivy League graduate students and groups of business leaders everything from the principles of good business writing to the secrets of branding.


I provide an inspiring seminar, workshop or speech specifically designed for you, your clients, or your guests. Recent topics include branding workshops, how to make your organization more creative, and how to write for business.

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