The two most important days in your life are the day you're born... and the day you find out why ... and how to act on it—because together, they define who you are and what you can become.

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W. Duke Greenhill, CPC CLC

Master Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Performance Coach, Career Coach, College Admissions Consultant, Media Trainer and Corporate Team Building & Leadership Facilitator

Duke Greenhill is a master-certified life coach specializing in creative professionals, executives and students. Before being called to become a coach, Duke was an Academy-Award nominated filmmaker and multi-award-winning media writer-producer-director, a widely-sought after creative marketing, advertising and branding executive, and a media advisor to congressional candidates, governors, and two U.S. presidential election campaigns. He is a widely-published writer and speaker, and strategic communications university professor. His thought-leadership and work is cited in over 500,000 trade magazines, and academic and professional journals. 


"You don't have to see the whole staircase...

You just have to take the first step.

—Dr. Martin Luther King


Using a proprietary approach he calls "Architecture of the Soul" — a blend of proven techniques from psychology, neuroscience, business, personal branding, professional athletics, spiritual philosophies, narrative strategies (The Hero's Journey) and the science of emotional intelligence — Duke guides each client toward unearthing who they really are, what they really want, and how to achieve it. Ignite your inner core to fuel a life and career driven by your strengths, your passions and your purpose. Duke shows you how to be the agent of your own growth and change so that you can build and live your best life.

Coaching is not therapy. Duke works with you to remove obstacles, accept weaknesses and uncover strengths, turn values and beliefs into actions, and turn actions into a plan to leverage your strengths and follow your bliss. When we follow our bliss, we are always our most effective, content and successful selves. 


"Find yourself. Find your professional superpowers. Make your life your life's work."

— Duke Greenhill


Jillian Apatow

"Duke believed in me when I had very little faith in anything—especially myself. He changed the way I thought about my future and what I deserved out of it. He taught me to have passion with a plan and encouraged me to make decisions based on what I love rather than what I’m afraid of. I credit Duke for making me realize that I’m capable—and worthy—of great things."

Student turned award-winning

advertising copywriter


Michael Bloomberg

"The best there are."

Billionaire & former NYC Mayor



"Duke unlocks the real you, alongside you the whole way. His side-by-side excavation gives you ownership of your own journey and success. It’s an empowering path to becoming your most effective, best self."

Business and Nonprofit Founder, CEO, Influencer and Global Change-Maker



Sometimes called a Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach or Leadership Coach, performance coaching is a proven tool for addressing challenges, creating opportunities, elevating  effectiveness, and achieving optimal performance both in life and in work.

Highly customized, one-on-one, professional and personal development providing you with actionable, real-time feedback to become the best work-life version of yourself.

This includes
College Coaching for students interested in a college admissions consultant. 

For those graduating college, Duke also offers entry-level creative Job Application Consultant services.


A specialized form of communication training for interacting with media, or for live speaking and presentation delivery.

Duke guides and prepares you for successfully representing your organization to media, selling your ideas through public speaking, and using words combined with physical presence to move and persuade your audience.

You'll learn how to predict questions, avoid common traps, create opportunities, and focus on delivering key messages to achieve the outcome you desire.


A customized form of coaching that helps you develop your creativity by facing and breaking down any barriers that hold you back. It is similar to life and professional performance coaching, but focuses specifically on your creative work.

You will develop your artistic talents, grow your emotional intelligence, and cultivate the confidence to thrive in creative pursuits and professions.

This includes
Career Change Coaching, as Duke has helped hundreds of young artists, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and other creative souls to discover and accomplish their creative profession dreams.

College Portfolio Consultant services for those seeking admission to art schools also offered.


Would your team benefit from dynamic corporate training? Leadership training? Do the words "team building" make your folks' eyes roll? Duke facilitates dynamic, Emotional Intelligence-informed Team Building Workshops (TBWs) to enhance problem solving, develop organizational goals and objectives, elevate collaboration, boost team morale through occupational mindfulness coaching, and grow relationships within your organization.

mindfulness, meditation and mental
wellness program development also available.



Take the first step today.

"What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while. What we do every day is the material of life."

— Gretchen Rubin

How to lead—and succeed—with emotional intelligence

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